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GooseLead is a simple and very efficient tool
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How Can GooseLead Help You?

We help you register information about potential customers, so you can focus on selling your product

Save you time and effort

When going to a trade show, a lot of time is spend afterwards on registering new customers in your CRM system. Often the registered data is inaccurate because of stress, handwriting and other factors.

We aim to help you optimizing that process by providing you with a tool where the customer can enter the data himself. Endless options!

(Screenshot: GooseLead demo view)

No internet connection required

The data is stored locally on the device in a database - thus no need for internet connection.

These data can easily be exported to your CRM system or emailed when you get online - all through an easy to use management interface.

Easy to customise

GooseLead is very easy to customise so it fit your needs.

You can make custom view packages suited to the campaign you are running now. These view pacakges can even be configured with an upload configuration so the collected data can be feed directly into your CRM system - no more manual creation of leads.

All that is required is your customised graphics and what data you want to present to the user and what data you want to collect, and then simply download the view package to your device(s).

(Screenshot: Tempo - Bootstrap template for startups)

Easy data management

Managing your data on the device is really easy!

When you enter the lead management view you can easily view the data you have collected - delete unwanted items - email them in JSON and CSV format - upload them to your CRM system (if configured in the view package).

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